• The corner of a room is masked with painter’s tape.

• A layer of black paint is applied to the corner and the paint begins to dry.

• The painter's tape is removed.

• The layer of black paint dries.

• A layer of white paint is applied to the corner with the exception of where the painter stands.

• The painter stands in the corner until the white layer of paint becomes dry to the touch.

• The painter walks away.


The actions of Paint have been documented by video and projected adjacent to the site at which they took place. The painter paints along with the video documentation directly onto the projection surface, presenting both the compositional process and final product over the same duration of time. The paint in both the illusory space of the video documentation and on the projection surface dry at the same rate, bridging appearances and reality.


4-disc DVD Set - Click to purchase 

4-disc DVD Set - Click to purchase 


From What We Do is Secret - April 21 - May 5, 2017

From Massive Doubt - March 1 - 19, 2017